*UPDATE* “The PvP Game Reloaded” Rules and Presale Information

Updated Rules are described here shortly.
If you are new to this game read the whole article.

As we had in our first gameround too less participants, we refunded everyone who participated in the presale and decided to start a second round with slightly different rules:

1.Lower hardcap
-> we reduced the hardcap from 120 ETH to 60 ETH. And we have a official softcap of 30 ETH for the game start.

2.Better tokenomics
-> as we have now a lower Hardcap but same total supply and tokenomics the listing price will be just 5.83$ for 7000 circulating supply which should cause at listing a natural pump and even a bigger incentive to participate in the presale

3. We reduced the Pool Amount from 3 to 2
-> the first Pool will be opened for 2 hours or till its filled with a cheaper price as incentive for early birds. The 2nd Pool will be opened for 24hours or till its filled. As many people in our last game wanted to join after we already closed the game.

4. ETH Giveaway/Lottery
-> There will be 2 lotteries,
-> 1st lottery will be only for all Presale participants. If we reach the hardcap then will one lucky presale participant win 2 ETH which he will get send to his wallet directly after listing.

-> 2nd lottery will be after after the airdrop snapshot — any holder of PvP has the chance to win 1 ETH. Will be send to the winners wallet immediately after the Airdrop.

5. Refund Policy
-> We are not even the worlds first serious gametheory project which already proved that we take our participants serious we are even the first who have a real refund policy.

->If there should be the case that we not reach the softcap after the 2nd Pool is closed we will refund all participants with around 90% of their investment due to the bounce transactions costs.
->If you decided to join the game and we reach atleast the Softcap we cannot refund anymore as it wouldnt be fair for other participants.

We are proud to announce that the intitial game will start soon and the Presale will happen on the Bounce.Finance platform.
We have considered different options but for our purpose and gameplan bounce.finance fits the best.

Bounce.finance is in general a perfect plattform for transparent and clear public sales.
We attached later on a guide on how to use the bounce platform.

As mentioned on our website are we the world´s first gametheory project that offers transparent profit chances to every participant and an airdrop of 2500 PvPTokens(25% of total supply)which will be sent out 2 hours after listing on Uniswap to every holder who has PvPTokens which worth more than 0.5 ETH at the Snapshot-Time (the exchange rate will be calculated at snapshot.)

But what is now the special deal?

We had a long discussion about how we can create a situation where Presale-Buyers still have an incentive to hold plus new interested people still want to join unlike the most Presales which going on right now where Presale participants just dumb their tokens on upcoming people who wants to join the project.

So we came to the conclussion that we want to create a game/project where people have to consider the small line between Greed and Patience and have to find the perfect exit for the maximum profit.

Hardfacts for the Presale:

There will be 2 Presale Pools:

Pool 1 (2hours or filled) :

Max. Token: 2000 PvP
Price: 90 PvP/ ETH ( ~3.88$)
Individual Cap: 3 ETH
Hardcap: 22,2 ETH

Pool 2 (24 hours or filled):

Max. Token: 3000 PvP
Price: 75 PvP/ ETH (~4.66$)
Individual Cap: unlimited
Hardcap: 40 ETH

Listing Price at Uniswap

2000 PvP / 33,3 ETH locked
Price: 60 PvP / ETH (~5.83$)

All pools have a different price, individual cap and hard cap.
There is a lower price in pool 1 but the individual cap is lower than in pool 2 and this is in place to prevent early sell offs.

Every pool will be listed seperately starting with “Pool 1” at will be announced and as soon “Pool 1” is filled or 2 hours are over “Pool 2” will be opened. The max duration of Pool 2 is 24h.

If we have unsold tokens from any pool, they will be burnt and the liquidity will be changed accordingly, that concept will still work and the listing price will be the same.


As everyone already noticed is every presale pool cheaper than the listing price which should encourage people to join the presale to be in instant profit + the good tokenomics and the ETH Lottery of 2 ETH between all Presale-Participants directly after listing.

So this will be the first challenge for the participients to be fast enough to get a spot on the lower price pool. But on the other hand we incentivized Pool 2 with an unlimited individual cap and still a nice profit to the listing price, which means that every Presale-Participant, no matter which Pool he joined still has an advantage.

As soon the Pools are filled or the timer is over we will immediately list on Uniswap and lock the liquidity.

Airdrop of 2500 PvPToken worth around 14500$ (calculated at listing price!)

After the listing we will start a new countdown timer of 2h. After 2h of trading every person who holds more than 0.5 ETH worth of PvPToken will be eligible for the Airdrop.
The Airdrop will not be weighted and will be completely even to every wallet meeting the conditions mentioned before.

We decided actively for the ETH amount equivalent as we cannot predict the price action but we want also that new money floats into the pool that Presale-Participients are incentivized to hold for the airdrop.

There will be also an 1 ETH Lottery for all holder of PvP at snapshot-time.
After snapshot one random holder will get the 1 ETH directly send to his wallet. The winner will be announced in Telegram.

The decision is yours!

So all in all this game/project is all about greed or patience and the thin line between them. Presale-Buyer could decide to sell instantly for profit, but they would miss on the other hand the massive airdrop plus the pump potential through the cheap price, just 10000 Total Supply and new buyer who wants to be part of the airdrop.
Or is it even better to have more wallets with each 0.5 ETH worth of PvPTokens at the Snapshot time? But how to manage so many wallets at the same time when the price is so volatile?

Prepare yourself with a good strategy!

We happy to welcome everyone to this experiment and wish you best of luck to earn good money.

Bounce.Finance Guide

Go to bounce.finance and connect your ERC-20 wallet via extension such as MetaMask or Wallet Connect

After the start of the sale announcement, enter a Pool ID or Pool name on Bounce homepage. You can also use direct links to open the pool page. Direct links, Pool name and pool ID will be announced only on our official channel

When the pool sale starts, send your ETH to swap for PvP tokens, the number of PvPtokens you receive is based on the swap level of the current pool

Always check token contract address to avoid scams;

The swap will be successful if the accumulative ETH amount sent is below the bounce level of the pool. When the bounce level is reached, any ETH sent will bounce (sent back to the user)

The pool will close based when one of the two conditions below are met, whichever happens first:
The bounce level is reached
The pool runs for 2 hours

PvPtokens will be sent to users’ wallets immediately after the swap has been executed successfully

Make sure you have some ETH in your wallet to pay for transaction fees

All the unsold allocations will be burned after sale.

For further questions, do not hesitate to ask them in our official telegram channel.

Website: https://the-pvp-game.com
Telegram: https://t.me/ThePvPGameReloaded
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThePvPGame1



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